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About Me.

Artwork that provides long lasting impressions.

Hi everyone. I just want to introduce myself. My name is Kerri. Originally, I am from Medicine Hat, Alberta and currently live in Chestermere, Alberta with my Fiancé and our 2 cats (Jasmine and Amber). I work as an RMT, between April and October I also work at a golf course. 

I have always been interested in art and drawing. I would spend a lot of time drawing as a child. In high school I would buy "how to draw" books with my babysitting money. I went to Medicine Hat College where I enrolled in Visual Communications. After college I didn't do any drawing or art, I have taken it back up over the last 5 years and enjoy painting a variety of subjects and I specialize in pet portraits. I started out doing my own dogs that have passed and people liked them so much that i got requests to paint their animals. So now i do it on the side. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my paintings and hope to paint one for you.

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